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Disagree with some of what's been said

September 22 2011 at 6:24 PM
Michael Rinaldi  (Login rinaldi119)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Response to Euro Militaire !! EDITED

Mirko -

Not sure how your post is really relevant other than to you and that modeler at that moment in time. It reads as if you are painting Euro judging with a broad brush to the rest of the contestants. It's just one anecdotal story...bruised egos will happen regardless.

Your comments on promoting one's own work are a bit ridiculous though. So what? Its been tradition around the forums for years to showcase one's pre-event work and frankly I don't think it has too much influence either way on what medal is handed out. The judges are grown men and think we can pass a better affirmation than that? And besides what do you care what products are used or not used on a model? Does it make a difference if it is an all Humbrol model, or a Tamiya+MIG products one? It all goes to the support of our hobby, nothing more. Whether one gets paid for it or not, it's their own business.

We all have our different takes on each project and we certainly don't all need to follow a set of guidelines for each model do we? It's the mass variety of styles and takes on each model that makes this of great interest and a special hobby.

Mark H. -

You come off as a whiny brat. I saw your stuff at Euro after the AMPS BoS and thought it medalled appropriately. Instead of crying about it, build again and make it a goal to win a gold, if that is what so concerns you. It took me four years to get mine and it's a huge source of pride, and I didn't know the judges personally. Each show has a unique perspective, and for Euro finishes can be just as important as builds. I felt you played it very conservative on your finishes, but were given the appropriate recognition on your construction/build aspect. Believe me, you won't be missed with comments like that.

Guys -

Each show plays to a certain tune. Euro has switched there's up under new ownership, but by and large has still maintained its premiere status. 2010 was a great show regardless of the silly issues in 2009. I heard the judges were new to class 13 this year, and were not up to the expert levels we've come to expect. I think there is a good chance this will be corrected next year, the guys that run show are not idiots by any stretch. They've proven me/us wrong on more than one occasion by making the necessary changes to improve the show. Note the high marks for the seller's floor this year. That used to be a source of complaints in the past couple of years. They solved the photo issues too. So give them a chance to fix the judges for next year as well, there is a solid track record within the show organizers to do so. It wasn't a big problem last year in fact, and think it just a bad blip on the radar for this year.

Does everyone always get what they want? Come on fellas, we know this is all mostly bruised egos and wounded pride talking. Time to man up and get back to work...I too certainly have personal opinions on medal levels, and no they don't always jive with what was handed out, sometimes erratic even, but there is usually a good reason behind it.

And stop thinking that a previous gold or BoS or whatever is some sort of qualifier...or that "I'm always silver and never gold"...these yearly complaints are becoming the norm and that's a real shame and takes away from the energy and passion we have for what we do. It's a big distraction at the end of the day. I took a silver home a few years ago and knew I had it in me to make it a gold, so I went to work on it some more. It turned out to be one of my personal favorite models and I learned a lot from it.

Use the negative vibe to drive it into something better, a lot of this complaining is such wasted energy otherwise.

By and large, I've seen little hard evidence to confirm that this is some widespread conspiracy of friends back slapping friends in the judging room. But we are a tight nit community so it's not unheard of sometimes for guys to think this is the case. Has it happened? Perhaps, but its not a big deal really. I think it happens at other shows too, if not more so. We are human after all (I'm not defending anybody, just saying take the blinders off a little). If anything, I would say it is as much a defense of the effort they have witnessed up close, so it is natural for a guy to be supportive of a friend even if they are a judge. And I also don't think it lessens other medals that are handed either...that's a pretty stout accusation without solid proof. Just my take on it all, take it for what it's worth, which may be next to nothing.

We all want to win in what we do, and that is justifiable given our exhaustive efforts, but I've yet to hear of a perfectly judged show ANYWHERE. And I also remember the good moments and there is just as much to say about that then anything else spoken of to date.




"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?."

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  1. Well said! - Rob Harvey on Sep 22, 2011, 7:09 PM
  3. Would it be worth including a seperate class for those who have won gold before - Luke Pitt on Sep 22, 2011, 8:46 PM
    1. No - Mirko Bayerl on Sep 23, 2011, 4:25 AM
      1. I see your point, and I know we all should build to a standard - Luke Pitt on Sep 23, 2011, 5:32 AM

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