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some observations:

September 23 2011 at 5:16 AM
Stefan Bernet  (Login bernets)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Response to Euro Militaire !! EDITED

Ok I will give you my observations on judging this year.

As already mentioned in the picture thread below, most of the problems occured in class 13. The judging in the dio and vignette classes was much more comprehensible and consistent. To an outside observer there was no discernible gradient of quality among the judged models from nothing over commended, highly commended, bronze, silver to gold. A lot of models, which got nothing at all, were clearly better built and finished than many of the awarded one`s. This is not to say that the awards actually given are all undeserved. It looked more as if 2/3 of the entries were somehow not judged at all or in another way not taken into the competition, even though they sat to the same shelve as the others.
The lack of fairness and comprehensibility of the judging was in stark contrast to the last few years (2007-2010). So there must have been a special problem this year.

Whether this problem was weak judges, resurgent cliquism or erratic new judging criteria, it will damage the credibilty of the show as a whole and the organisers should make sure Euro 2012 returns to the standards of 2010.

Finally there was the issue of premature removal of competition entries on Sunday. The AFV-shelves were noticably emptier by Sunday 12 o clock than they were on Saturday afternoon. This is totally unacceptable, even in the face of the poorest and most arbitrary judging. All the one day visitors were the idiots, who got to see only those models, who`s owners felt adequately rewarded. It would have been much better for all models to have remained in place, because in many instances a side by side comparison would have put the judging to shame.

Note: If you plan to attend next year, make sure your are present on Saturday!



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      1. I agree... - Noel Petroni on Sep 28, 2011, 11:42 PM

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