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Worldwide Shipping rates

March 22 2012 at 8:58 AM
  (Login SEDimmick)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

I'm curious here...are the shipping rates from China/Hong Kong subsidized at all?

Reason ask is that it seems like the shipping rates are "cheap" from that part of the world, in relation to other parts of the world. According the US Post Office site, a 1 pound package to Hong Kong going first class would cost me $11.60 to ship from the East Coast of the USA, but when I placed an order from Hobby Easy for a couple small things, the shipping cost was only $7.60 or so after exchange rates.

Europe is crazy also...I can't order anything from Germany...Shipping rates are normally 15-20 Euros to start (for the smallest thing), which works out to $26 USD...but yet from the Czech Republic, I can get 4 Blackdog sets sent to me for 7 Euros which is reasonable. Shipping from France (Blast Models) is some what reasonable also....

FedEx from HLJ is stupid fast and fairly reasonable, for the most part if you make a larger $$$ order from them.

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  9. $12 to ship two bottles of paint from Czech Republic! - Joseph R. Zrodlowski on Mar 22, 7:12 PM
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          1. now your final value fee you pay to ebay is based on sale PLUS shipping - david nickels on Mar 24, 11:23 AM
  10. Norway is insane! - Roman Volchenkov on Mar 22, 8:07 PM
    1. Aussie pricing - Ian McPherson on Mar 22, 11:18 PM
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      1. Sweden - Frank Glackin on Mar 25, 7:16 AM
        1. Try sending a package from Sweden elsewhere.... - Ron van Wiggen on Mar 29, 10:54 AM
  11. Germany - Claude Joachim on Mar 23, 3:54 AM

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