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Be careful what you wish for?

June 7 2012 at 5:30 AM
  (Login Albowie)
from IP address

I suppose this is a direct result of my eyesight starting to go but the recent trend to massive complexity in kits is really beginning to diminish my enjoyment of the hobby. Given the wonderous new moulding techniques and capabilities why do we have to have 500-1000 part kits? Like most modellers I really like my accuracy but after building the Bronco 17 pounder I was left pondering the fact that a hell of a lot of the fiddly over complicated parts could have been mould as 1 or two parts instead of the 17 miniscule parts in the kits. The 25 pounder is even more complex and it is like Bronco have tried to replicated every individual part of the real thing. These are both superb and thoroughly detail rich kits but the buildability goes down exponentially especially when I have to fold a PE square the size of a pin head on three different axis.
Yesterday I recieved the Orange Hobby 57mm M1 gun thinking this is resin it will have the minimum of parts but to my astonishment it has an equal number of parts to the 25 pounder and miniscule PE parts in huge qty to match. For a gun as small as this to be more complex than its larger cousin the 17 pounder (itself a complex kit) just has me shaking my head. This kit is like a detailed injection moulded one rather than the typical resin one. Hats off to Orange hobby as this is a superb kit with stunning quality but one I will personally find a chore to build. Have a look at the instructions to get an idea of what I am talking about. The PE frets are about 1"x 1" (2) and have about 100 different bits on them giving you an idea of the small size of some of these parts.
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

I sure many modellers would revell in the challenge of such complexity and by no means do I wish to see a return to monstrosities like the Tamiya 6 pdr but I'd like to see a good balance between complexity, accuracy and buildability. If the part can be moulded in one piece then please do that, not try and break it down into 9 minute carpet loving bits. DML gave us Smart kits which were suppossed to simplify the process but some of these are equally complex and miss the point IMHO. TASCA Shermans to me are more like a smart kit and keep a stunning level of accuracy with ease of build. I'm curious as to others views on this

This message has been edited by Albowie from IP address on Jun 7, 2012 5:31 AM

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  10. Agree - Pat McGrath on Jun 7, 11:00 AM
    1. Staghound as a basis of comparison - Robert E. Potter, Jr. on Jun 7, 11:55 AM
      1. Recent experience - Y.C. Wang on Jun 7, 1:02 PM
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    3. Smaller doesn't necessarily mean less - Joseph R. Zrodlowski on Jun 8, 7:40 AM
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  18. Agree - David Bourland on Jun 7, 10:32 PM
  20. Yes and No for me - Chris Meddings on Jun 8, 2:52 AM
    1. agreed. nt - Roman Volchenkov on Jun 8, 4:51 AM
    2. Also agreed... - Mike Roof on Jun 9, 11:57 AM
      1. You Lost Me Right After - Joseph R. Zrodlowski on Jun 9, 2:11 PM
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  21. Are you listening? - John Harris on Jun 8, 4:09 AM
    1. Kinetic seems to have adopted this policy - Graeme Davidson on Jun 8, 6:53 AM
  22. I hate to say it but I agree - Roger Cockburn on Jun 8, 4:52 AM
    1. That is why.......... - FranK Blanton on Jun 8, 7:41 AM
  23. Can we modelers have it both wys? - Frank V. De Sisto on Jun 8, 8:58 AM
    1. Tasca seems to be the best balance - Jesse Naughton on Jun 8, 2:48 PM
      1. agreed but - Chris Meddings on Jun 8, 10:07 PM
  24. Kits - Stephen Lord on Jun 8, 1:26 PM
    1. I love PE - Roman Volchenkov on Jun 8, 2:16 PM
      1. Frank D has hit the nail on the head - Graham Tetley on Jun 8, 3:58 PM
  25. I can't help think that.... - Andy King on Jun 9, 6:27 AM
    1. Try writing a review on a kit like these - Sean Lynch on Jun 9, 11:49 AM
      1. I do.... - Andy King on Jun 9, 12:51 PM
  26. A suggestion for reviewers and commentators - Robert E. Potter, Jr. on Jun 9, 5:38 PM
    1. Bob, speaking as a reviewer... - Andy King on Jun 10, 10:03 AM
    2. Have you built the easybuilds? - Mike Duguay on Jun 10, 10:20 AM
  27. Some people like brain surgery ... i do sometimes . - Doug Kinder on Jun 9, 9:33 PM
    1. Disagree with your statement - John Tapsell on Jun 10, 4:46 AM
      1. Re: Disagree with your statement - de kruijff Tom on Jun 10, 9:25 AM
  28. sorry gents, but I LOVE these complex kits ! - Stefan Müller-Herdemertens on Jun 10, 4:22 AM
    1. Are non-Tamiya mnfrs. only trying to please the 'anoraks'? ! - Andrew Tomlinson on Jun 10, 3:22 PM
  29. Naw - Kevin Johnson on Jun 10, 4:39 PM
    1. Complex kits? - FranK Blanton on Jun 11, 7:19 AM
      1. Demands in the Asian market? - Scott Dimmick on Jun 11, 8:01 AM
        1. Not a bunch of **** - Asian companies sell 90-95% of their kits in Asia. n/m - Anonymous on Jun 11, 9:57 AM
          1. evidence? - Chris Meddings on Jun 11, 1:20 PM
            1. Comment from a Tamiya Employee - Ron Volstad on Jun 11, 2:19 PM
              1. Thanks Ron - Chris Meddings on Jun 12, 12:42 AM
            2. Still the case - Jens O. Mehner on Jun 12, 1:29 PM
              1. Still Doesn't prove Franks Point Though - Chris Meddings on Jun 12, 10:03 PM
                1. Not to mention - Scott Dimmick on Jun 13, 8:00 AM

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