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I see your lousy $9.99 bet,Mr. Baker, and raise it by $60,000.00

January 30 2010 at 5:13 AM
Michael Lee Smith  (Login studiocityslicker)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Response to Dragon's new figure sets

Ok, you're upset that someone offers for sale,at around $10 US, something you feel distasteful based on it's Nazi origins.

How do you feel about someone who offers for sale, at around $60,000 US,something 6,000 times MORE distasteful, based on it's Nazi origins? The "someone" I'm talking about is Mercedes, BMW, and AUDI. These sleek modern vehicles can barely conceal their origins as staff cars in Nazi parades, transporters of the highest ranking members of the Reich to various meetings where solutions of all kinds, final or not, were mapped out...why these manufacturers even supplied the very vehicles that were used to hunt those partisans you're so upset about.

They're practically dripping blood when you park them (usually in front of a very expensive house).

Should they stop selling their cars? Should people stop buying them? Does the purchase of one of these cars reveal a deep seated secret love of all things Nazi?

Shouldn't people who are of certain ethnicities that were directly and hugely harmed by Nazis ESPECIALLY not purchase these vehicles???? Shouldn't those people especially buy "good guy" cars from Dodge and Jeep and Ford, the same people who built tanks and trucks and things to LIBERATE their ancestors????????

Apparently not. I work in the legal profession in Los Angeles. Vast numbers of the people I work with have the same ties to relatives in Europe that you mention. Yet I can't think of any one of them I know that does not drive, or actually own more than one of, a Mercedes,BMW,or AUDI (and Porsche of course...remember those Tiger tanks?). I'm not making a vague generalization. This is my own observed fact, based on behavior of friends as well as hundreds of others in the profession. I can predict with some degree of certainty that I could write these same sentences if I was in the medical or financial field here as well.

Curiously, my girlfriend, who is an attorney, is Korean, and she has brought up the issue of "comfort women" more than once. What does SHE drive? A Nissan Murano...yet another example of the victim paying big bucks to their former oppressors!!! She fails to see the irony.

Bottom line, your rant about a Chinese manufacturer selling what are basically chotzkes for 10 bucks holds no water compared to my demand that Mercedes,BMW, and AUDI go out of business NOW!

By the way,when you moan about "this hobby's fixation with the Nazi war machine" don't forget that it's based on the still echoing impact of THE ENTIRE WORLD'S "fixation with the Nazi war machine" from the late 1930's to the late 1940's!

Michael Lee Smith

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