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Reference, Toadman's CD#19, Toadman’s Light Tank M24 Photo Detail CD

November 29 2007 at 8:54 PM
Frank V. De Sisto  (Login zappa93)
MODERATORS ONLY - Time on Target
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CD#19, Toadman’s Light Tank M24 Photo Detail CD. Contains 290 color photos. Price: $7.99 USD, plus shipping.

The US Army’s M24 Light Tank was probably one of the most balanced light tank design from any nation fielded during the Second World War. It was very successful in the post-war time period and was exported in large numbers to many, many nations. Some upgraded versions served through the end of the 20th-Century, while several self-propelled weapons such as the 105mm and 155mm howitzer were fielded, along with a twin 40mm anti-aircraft gun. To say it was an important AFV design may be an understatement.

There have been several releases of the M24 in 1/35th-scale by Italeri, while a several after-market upgrades, notably one from Formations has been made available to correct the base kit’s myriad flaws.

All that’s needed is a good “walk-around” reference source, and that’s where a certain Amphibian with a camera has made yet another “splash” (sorry folks, I simply CANNOT resist it!). This is the latest in a series of high-quality, very low cost CDs marketed by a fellow by the name of Chris Hughes, a.k.a. “Toadman”. Being a modeler, he knows what he wants in a photo reference source, so it is simply a matter of him employing his various skills to bring us this new CD. And a fine job he has done with it.

Several different specimens of the M24 from various private and US military displays were visited over a period of about two years, so there is a great deal of variety to be seen in the fittings seen on the tank.

The CD is broken down into sections as follows:
• Introduction and Acknowledgements.
• Profiles.
• Turret exterior.
• Hull exterior.
• Suspension.
• Turret interior.
• Hull Interior.

There are a ton of small details to be seen on the actual tank such as casting textures and related foundry numbers, weld beads and various fittings. The two different styles of track are well covered, as is the interior of both the turret and fighting compartment. Although some related accessories are depicted, no engine compartment details are shown, and this may disappoint some. I’ll go out on a limb here and say it was probably due more to a lack of access than the lack of desire on the part of the photographer.

The quality of the photography is excellent, with proper composition and exposure being the norm. The photos are easily accessible to the computer user. On my Windows XP-equipped machine, the CD loaded on its own and by double clicking on “start”, easily opened. Then it’s just a matter of working through the tables of contents to the specific area of interest, and then working through the images. A nice feature of these CDs is the ability to link directly to an image related to the one that is currently being viewed. One can also double-click “My Computer”, then single-click on the file icon, and then double-click on “File/Open” so that all images will open at once to be viewed as thumbnails. This will make it even easier to find a needed detail image.

In effect, once you get done going through this thing, and comparing the images to your Italeri kit, you’ll REALLY want a new state-of-the-art rendition of this workhorse light tank!

Highly recommended.

Frank V. “Curley Stooge” De Sisto

For ordering information and more photos visit the web site at:

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