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Reference, Toadman's Tank Pictures CD #23, ToadmanÂ’s Scout Car M3A1

September 28 2009 at 6:59 PM
Frank V. De Sisto  (Login zappa93)
MODERATORS ONLY - Time on Target
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CD #23, Toadmans Scout Car M3A1 Photo Detail CD. CD-ROM photo reference containing 305 color photographs and introductory text by Chris Hughes.

Designed for use by US Cavalry/Reconnaissance units prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, the M3A1 has been kitted in 1/72nd- and 1/35th-scales. In both cases the kits. Although basically sound, need lots of work to be brought up to currently acceptable standards. However, there has never been much available in the way of general or specific references of use to a modeler who wished to super-detail his replica. Until now.

To the rescue comes the Toad in Shining Armor, with his latest photo CD. M3A1s at two locations were used for this CD; one is from the Military Vehicle technology Foundation and the other is from WW II US Military Vehicle Museum, both in California. Typically, the CD is broken down into segments including:

Introduction and Acknowledgements.
Scout Car M3A1 Exterior Table of Contents.
Scout Car M3A1 Engine Compartment Table of Contents.
Scout Car M3A1 Suspension and Power Train Table of Contents.
Scout Car M3A1 Drivers Compartment Table of Contents.
Scout Car M3A1 Crew Compartment Table of Contents.
Scout Car M3A1 Machine Guns Table of Contents.

Each is separately accessed with a click of the mouse in its turn. There are brief descriptive captions, which for the most part name the items being viewed. Coverage is as comprehensive as one could want. I was especially grateful for the detailed images of the crew and drivers compartment, particularly when showing the vehicles radio fit. Other images detail the machine-guns and their mounts; these include the water-cooled .30 cal. Browning as well as the legendary M2 .50 cal. heavy machine-gun. Of particular note is the fact that the Ma Deuce has the relatively rare slotted cooling jacket instead of the perforated type for its heavy barrel; perhaps a kit or after-market manufacturer will take note!

The quality of the photography is excellent, with proper composition and exposure being the norm. The photos are easily accessible to the computer user. On my Windows XP-equipped machine, the CD loaded on its own and by double clicking on start, easily opened. Then its just a matter of working through the tables of contents to the specific area of interest, and then working through the images. A nice feature of these CDs is the ability to link directly to an image related to the one that is currently being viewed. One can also double-click My Computer, then single-click on the file icon, and then double-click on File/Open so that all images will open at once to be viewed as thumbnails. This will make it even easier to find a needed detail image.

This is yet another high-quality, low-cost photo reference resource. It will prove to be invaluable for anyone wishing to detail the available kits, without breaking the bank. Highly recommended.

Frank V. De Sisto

For ordering information and more photos visit The Toadmans web site at:

Visit frankdesisto.com

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