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Addendum to report

March 24 2012 at 9:15 AM
Frank V. De Sisto  (Login zappa93)
MODERATORS ONLY - Time on Target
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Response to Kit, Bronco CB35069, US Light Tank M24 Chaffee (Early Prod.)

Recently, as many of you know, Bronco released a separate part to correct the turret of this kit. This will be made available through DragonUSA some time in the future.

However, Bronco has also upgraded the latest production run of their original M24 US Army kit, with the newly-corrected turret part. The box has not been labeled as such, so modelers may or may not get the upgraded release if they make a purchase, unless they can open the box first. Since that is a rarity these days, what with very few brick-and-morter shops around, this is still problemmatic.

I recommend contacting the people at your point of purchase to determine if the kit you are going to purchase has been upgraded or not.

Regarding the progress of my build, I can say that parts fit is really quite goood, but that if the modeler wants a movable suspension system as is engineered into the kit, care MUST be exercised. This is especially true when fixing the various pins in place that hold the shock absorbers in place. I have reverted to the age-old technique, first expostulated by Aurora Models, back in the 1950s. This involves using a pin-point to apply small amounts of glue inside a tubular hole, keeping the glue clear of the part that must move.

So far, it's working.


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