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4 Connies Update! The Trouble With Props...

March 22 2010 at 8:46 PM

Ted Preston  (Login TeddieP)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address that there are TOO many of them on this build! In our last installment, William De Coster asked how I was going to reattach the delicate 1/144 Minicraft prop blades I had separated from the prop hubs. Well, I replied, I super-glued 'em after painting and eye-balled the locations to boot, screwing it up royally. Back to the drawing board. I used one of the Aeroclub props as an alignment guide for properly re-attaching the Minicraft props:
[linked image]
I marked the prop locations, sanded off the silver paint and re-glued using Tamiya liquid cement:
[linked image]
After respraying, I wasn't happy with the result. The blades looked sloppy and still weren't strongly bonded. I should never have trimmed the blades off to begin with:
[linked image]
Out of 12 Minicraft props I started with, only four remained intact after trying to cut them off the sprue and clean them up - they are THAT delicate. Using extreme care and caution and taking extra time, I managed to clean up the remaining four props without breaking any of the blades off:
[linked image]
Now came time for decalling, and hoo boy - it became another long, involved job. These are Aeroclub props with the Revell kit's prop logo decals, and they went on fine. It is the prop de-icer boots that have slowed this prop project to a crawl. I tried using spare black strips of decal for the boots. No go - they just wouldn't stick. Next I tried some Letraset strips but I couldn't get them aligned properly while rubbing them down. So I rubbed the Letraset onto a clear decal sheet and tried that:
[linked image]
Okay, that has worked - somewhat. The "Letraset" decals have been a real bear to get to snuggle down. Two hours a night for just one prop! Sheesh - now I wish I would have sprayed the props black, masked off the de-icer boots, then painted the rest of the colours needed on the props. Oh well.
[linked image]
I used the Minicraft decals for the red and white prop tips on my TWA version. The Minicraft decals respond very well to decal setting solution:
[linked image]
I've decided to do some prop mixing and matching. The Revell engine nacelles are larger than the Minicraft ones, but the Aeroclub props are larger than the Revell ones. Left to right, below: Revell engine with an Aeroclub prop, Minicraft engine with Minicraft prop, Minicraft engine with Aeroclub prop, and Minicraft engine with Revell prop:
[linked image]
The Aeroclub prop looks just right on the larger Revell engine nacelle. This will be the Air France version:
[linked image]
This Minicraft engine/prop combo will be on the Lufthansa version:
[linked image]
This Minicraft engine/Aeroclub prop will adorn the TWA version:
[linked image]
And the Minicraft engine/Revell props will look real spiffy on the National Airline version:
[linked image]
Still to come: some touch up on the props and engine nacelles. Then scratch building some underside radio beacons and fuel dump valves on the Minicraft kits. After that, painting the fuselages!!!

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