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Four Connies - Decals Started

June 10 2010 at 2:20 PM

Ted Preston  (Login TeddieP)
HyperScale Forums
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Hi y'all - I was hoping my next post on the 4 Connies project would be the final installment, but a partially flooded basement due to a torrential 12-hour downpour delayed things again. Managed to stop the deluge before it reached the model man-cave. Whew! Decalling has started with the spectacular National Airlines version on one of the three Minicraft kits:
[linked image]
This beautiful decal set is by Airways Graphics International, which I picked up online from Airline Hobby Supplies. A cautionary note: I didn't sweat the fuselage colour demarcation lines, figuring the decals would cover it. But they're very translucent, and the paint line showed through. Ah well, it's only noticeable close up:
[linked image]
The upside, though, is that the pencil panel line representing the rudder shows through quite well, elimnating the need to redo the pencil after the decal is on:
[linked image]
A further note on pencil panel lines in 1/144 scale: use an HB3 or 4 pencil (thanks for the tip, Woz!), sharpened to a fine point. The edge draws nice and delicate and the lead is hard as a nail. I left the panel lines at rudders only. The pencil, as fine as this line is, still looks overdone on the fuselage and wings. Guess that explains why I've never seen other modellers do it here in this scale:
[linked image]
The Airways Graphics Connie decals also come with a separate sheet for de-icer boots and wingwalk stripes. This sheet is also available on it's own and I picked up enough to do all three Minicraft Connies:
[linked image]
The boots and stripes are very delicate, however, and will stretch if you fiddle with 'em too much. I also found that bits flaked off after applying decal setting solution:
[linked image]
[linked image]
Easily fixed up with more decal, and some paint touchup.
For the Revell Connie kit, I picked up an Air France decal sheet from Cocardes Hobbies in - where else - France. Again, a beautifully printed decal set, but here's the weird thing. The Revell kit features clear plastic windows, but this decal sheet has no window cutouts, and doesn't include window decals. So you're left to try to get this rather thick decal to snuggle down as best you can over the windows, then cut out the openings with a sharp knife. A tricky business that didn't go that well for me:
[linked image]
I may try a fine-tip black marker around the window edges to try to hide that damaged look. The one piece wing tank decal didn't wrap around the nose tip very well. Even cutting the next one into two pieces left a gap. So I mixed some basic Testors gloss blue with a few drops of black and dipped the wing tank in end first. The blue tank tips aren't on the real thing, but it's a neat way to hide the botched decal job:
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
Decalling has now begun on the Lufthansa and TWA versions as well:
[linked image]
[linked image]
Hope you like. With any luck I'll get the time to finish up these babies soon!

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