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Number 3 for 2011 - Hurricane

March 2 2011 at 6:48 PM
Victor Scheuerman  (Login ffirefighter13)
HyperScale Forums
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When Aviaeology Sheet Vital Storm Part 1 arrived, I was smitten by Hurricane Trop Mk I P3731.

This was perhaps painted in the Desert scheme, or better yet the Tropical scheme and with a good chance that the lower surfaces were Sky Blue in lieu of Sky. The later scheme was on my 'to-do' list for Hurricanes, and with 'J' being a Hurricane that could have been painted in this attractive scheme and perhaps sporting a red spinner, it went to the top of the pile.

For this project the Pegasus Snap Kit 1/48 Hurricane was used and is a surprisingly nice kit that really does 'snap' together - though glue was used. The only upgrades to the interior was a scratch built gun sight and lead foil harnesses added to the seat. The kit canopy was used and a combination of polishing the interior with NOVUS 1 & 2 and applying FUTURE to the exterior produced a clear and shinning canopy. Testors Model Master enamels were used for the base camouflage of RAF Dark Green, Middlestone and Sky Blue (lightened RLM 78).
[linked image]

The model was preshaded with Gunship Gray on the bottom (Sky Blue) and Aircraft Interior Black for the upper colours. The aluminum painted landing gear parts were brush painted with Games Workshop Chainmail - which is a little dark, but this would tie in better to the weathering and to help hide the more basic and bulky appearance of these parts.
[linked image]

The exterior required that a tropical filter and different propeller and spinner be used and these items came from the rather well-stocked Hurricane spares bin. The one after market item used on this kit were the excellent Ultra Cast resin exhausts

Some improvements to the exterior was added rivets to the aft upper main wings, fasteners to the engine cowling and MG bays, and cutting out the molded wing tip and landing lights. The tips were then detailed with either red or blue plastic sanded to shape. Next, the landing light bays were framed in with card, then a card disc was added and the final step was adding clear tape as the cover. For a change, the red doped fabric MG outlets covers were simulated with paint to give the post-mission appearance. The blasted effect was done by adding Micro Mask to the outlets before the mixed red was sprayed on.
[linked image]

Further weathering was done by simulating paint chips on the two lighter colours by using a sponge dipped in Tamiya NATO Black and using a Prisma Silver Pencil on the RAF Green sections. Diluted Tamiya Smoke was used to add exhaust and cordite stains etc. In addition, some earth coloured dry pastels were brushed onto the landing gear parts.
[linked image]

A word has to be mentioned of the quality and thinness of the Aviaeology decals. As mentioned, parts of the upper wing were riveted and this was done with the UMM USA pounce wheel. This leaves very shallow divots and part of the weathering process was light wet sanding the Dark Green to show off hints of the Middlestone below. When the Aviaeology B roundels were applied, it took only one application of the Model Master Decal Setting Solution to get these to both sink into these modest divots and to settle over the raised plate in this area.
[linked image]

Thanks for dropping by.

Cheers, Vic

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