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You did an excellent job.

April 17 2012 at 9:19 PM
Dwight J. Emery  (Login dragonfly7)
HyperScale Forums
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Response to T-28, Zorro, 606th S.O.S. Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

First time I've seen a model of this built. I'll have to buy one of those Roden kits soon, been so busy with visits to Wake Forest in Winston Salem and other doctors after the transplant on December 7th, 2011 haven't had time for mush of anything but recovering. Have a stack of models on my work bench in the "middle" of being worked up, some place, not sure exactly where now!Hope all the parts are still okay! LOL! But will get them built.With or with out parts. Scratch is something to do if I have to!

Your T-28 is beautiful. They didn't put a lot of markings on these special operations aircraft, and they did a lot of interesting stuff, when aircraft were shot down. They would bring in another T-28 and mark it again as the aircraft shot down so as to confuse the enemy when they have guys say on their side we shot down such and such numbered etc., aircraft then it is spotted again, then they start wondering how accurate they really are about what they see. Causes the generals and commanders to doubt their troops accuracy and such about what is happening on the battlefield. A lot of subversive tactics were going on to keep the enemy confused at the time that the CIA thought would be beneficial. Being a CIA run operation, you would figure they would make it as confusing as possible any way for both sides! LOL!

A very unique time in the history of the United States, and stuff like this is still going on people never hear anything about in places people don't even realize exist when they are busy with their own lives doing all that people have to do. Takes some very willing & risky individuals who like to take severe risks, or super greedy for money, because these types of jobs pay extremely well, to risk everything in a war where no one will know anything, even their own nation if they are shot down and captured, or killed. The plausible denial clause is always used. Keeps the Geneva Convention stable for politics, and earned people like my father who was in it a kings ransom in pay. My father worked for Air America for one reason. MONEY, and he made a lot, so much he used money for bookmarks and even lost a lot doing stupid stuff like that! LOL!

Air America was a most eccentric group of individuals I've ever met. The last Air America reunion I atended was amazing. I saw a 70 + year old former Air America helicopter pilot with a twenty something year old Thai wife. Quite eccentric to say the least, these individuals are beyond description if you ever meet any when they gather for "fun"! Even as old as some of them are getting. I think Chennault would have been proud.

Your model is very nice of a very rare thing seen that actually happened. My father always told me the most important thing to know about life is that truth is stranger than fiction, more spectacular, more amazing. He wasn't joking. How I know is by getting this transplant that has worked when I highly doubted it would be anything good!

Hope to see more models like this in the future.

Thanks a lot for posting this.

DJ Emery

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