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My 1 350 scale TITANIC ( COMPLETED )

May 14 2012 at 3:40 PM
FOX21  (Login jrfox21)
HyperScale Forums
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I very badly wanted to finish this for the 100th Anniversary of the fateful sinking, but didn't quite make it,,,,,,,,, : /

This was a commission build for a client of mine who lives in my area. His autistic Sons favorite movie is TITANIC and he wanted to have this built for him to enjoy. The kit is the older Academy Minicraft boxing. I received the kit started unfortunately. The kit was started by my clients Son's Godfather. He past away a few years ago before he could really get very far with the kit. He had the hull together, and a few funnels glued, but not much more. Unfortunately I had to undo much of what he had started. And a lot of body work was required to fix some things that had been done improperly.

To say this was a tedious build would be a gross understatement. I am not sure how many hours I have in her, but its hundreds. I wish I could say nice things about the kit, but I just can't. Clean up of the hundreds of parts was difficult. They were poorly molded, and required a lot of " sculpting " to get them looking presentable. To illustrate this,,,, There were over 50 park benches on the deck that needed to be cleaned up and painted, and I figured it out that I had about 25 minutes of work dedicated to each one total. The tedious nature of the build made it a project that I can not really say I enjoyed. There was an element of this build that was somewhat charitable so I had a very small budget to work with. This made this an OOB build from the get go. That was difficult for me, because so many of the parts were screaming for scratchbuild, or photo etch. The molding of all of the parts were just soooooooo thick. Trying to create the illusion of scale with this kit OOB was very troubling for me.
I pushed through,,,,,, And this was the result. In retrospect given the approach that I was locked into, I suppose I am somewhat satisfied with the build, but if I ever do another one, it will be with photo etch and scratchbuild.

This was my first ship build, so obviously there are many things I would do next time differently. The rigging I wish I had used a thinner thread for, but again I was dogmatic about this being OOB. Wish I had deviated from that because these threads are out of scale to the point of ridiculous. As it was I did not have enough kit supplied thread, so had to swipe some from Mrs FOX's sewing kit. The thread was much thinner, and I am now kicking myself for not just using her thread from the get go.

I used Tamiya paints on her, that I mixed to match a TITANIC color chart. Wish I had lightened up the funnel orange some. It matches well with the color I matched it to, but does not appear very scale.

In addition to the neccesary fixes, many of the pieces were missing when I received the kit. Thank You to Hyper Scale because a few different members VERY GRACIOUSLY provided me with most of what I needed for the build. Thank You again Brian Smith and Steven Murphy. I was honestly very touched that they were so willing to help me. Great great guys the both of them,,,,,, : )
Decals and flags were missing, so I will need to eventually find those and put the flags on.

Thank You for sneaking a peak,,,Hope You enjoy looking as much as I didn't enjoy building it. Client loves it though,,,,, So all is good in the world again,,,,,,,, : )

[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
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[linked image]

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