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Who says civilian light general aviation aircraft have to be painted white?

June 29 2012 at 11:26 AM

Larry Schmidt  (Select Login CSMO)
HyperScale Forums
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Quickie-Build of a Heller 1/72 SAAB.91 Safir. I built it OOB. Gray-green interior with Signal Brown seats. I brush-painted it freehand with Testors #1147 Silver. Decals are scrap-box registration letters and the stripes are 35 year-old Scalemaster stripes. Inspiration was a photo in an Airliners photo website of a Swedish civil aircraft.

[linked image]

Amatuer photography via my i-Phone.

On the bench: Airfix 1/76 LCM with Sherman
Lindberg Kingfisher and Arado.234
Airfix S.A. Bulldog
Pegasus Siemens-Shuckert D.1

Field Artillery brings dignity to what otherwise might be merely a vulgar brawl.

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