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RC-135S Cobra Ball - WIP - Part XXXI

July 2 2013 at 4:27 PM

Alberto Accumolli  (Login illomucca)
HyperScale Forums
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Hi to all my friends that helped me a lot with this model .
Here is a small update of the work on my CobraBall 2663 .

Decalling process is almost complete (I'm awaiting the arrival of U.S.AIR FORCE and USAF titles of the proper size - the ones I used were downsize and after removing them I had to repaint some panels on wings and fuselage) .

photo IMG_1524.jpg

photo IMG_1525.jpg

photo IMG_1526.jpg

photo IMG_1527.jpg

photo IMG_1528.jpg

photo IMG_1529.jpg

Here on the starboard active side I've implemented all the dipoles of the antenna array according to the pics I have using sections of 0.25 mm. hypodermic syringe needles .

photo IMG_1530.jpg

photo IMG_1531.jpg

photo IMG_1532.jpg

photo IMG_1533.jpg

photo IMG_1534.jpg

photo IMG_1535.jpg

The large fuselage door and and the pilots entrance door are already decalled and finished ready for installation during the final phase - some weathering is mandatory !!!

Thank you to all Visitors and any comment/suggestion/critique is very wellcome and appreciated !!

That's all for to-night !!!


Alberto Accumolli


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