I disagree with both of you...CV ALL the way!

by Blacksmith Cycles (Login BlacksmithCycles)

First off the 40mm CV has almost the same throat size as a Super E so there is no real advantage there. Besides...only a big inch or serious breathing (worked) motor would benefit from anything bigger.

As far as power goes...I built a TwinCam 95" motor, with a full package from HeadQuarters(porting, cams, etc) that put out well over 100HP. It was an out right rocket.....AND it had razor sharp throttle response with good gas mileage....on a STOCK CV carb. No fancy slide, no power jet thingies, just proper jetting and a needle from an 88 Sportster.

Now don't get me wrong...the SuperE is a great carb, and I would never tell anyone to take off a SuperE to go to a CV since they already have a good working carb, but given a choice between the 2 I would take a CV hands down!

Remember this....the SuperE gained it's rep around 30 years ago when Harley carbs were pretty crappy. It made sense to upgrade. By that line of thinking....you wouldn't buy a new Corvette and rip off the fuel injection to put a Holley on it...would you?

Bottom line is...give me a bike, with a well tuned S&S Super E, and I can put a CV on it and make it better. Better throttle response, better mileage, and at the very least equal peak HP numbers.

Nick Pastore
Blacksmith Cycles
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Posted on May 22, 2011, 11:10 PM
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