Shovelhead stroker piston/cylinder length question

by Edlyn73 (Login Edlyn73)

I'm slowly collecting parts to build a 93" stroker shovelhead. I've got S&S cases (3 5/8" bore) and Harley heads which have been machined for 3 5/8" cylinders and dual-plugged. I want to go with 4 1/2" heavy flywheels from T&O and cam it to make good power at low RPM's. I'm going for a motor that will carry me, my wife, and our gear comfortably on a long trip. It's going into a stock 1979 FX frame, and I'm concerned about engine height. Can I get stroker pistons that will work in 5.330" (stock height) cylinders? Or am I going to have to use taller jugs? I don't want compression much over 8.5:1, and I don't want to have to modify my frame. If you've done this, tell me what pistons you used. I'm trying to think this one out better before jumping in and buying parts that won't do what I want.

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Posted on Dec 28, 2011, 11:50 AM
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