ironhead compression questions

by louis soto (Login motorlou)

hey guys, working on my '81 ironhead project and i am re ringing my pistons. it started when i first got the bike i found that the front cylinder had low compression. i remember there was about 20 psi difference in cyls. and the rear was about 150 psi. after playing with it for a while i pulled the heads and jugs and found that it had a broken ring in the front. i took the parts to the machine shop and had them mic'd out. they told me i was well within tolerances to just re ring. i honed the cylinders out and checked the endgaps ect. all within tolerances. i lapped the valves, did the fuel in the bowl leak test yatta yatta yatta. i intstalled everything according to the book staggering the rings and such. today i did a compression test and found that the cylinders are only making 105/110 psi. this is really low no? i know this sounds kinda far fetched but would the rings take a getting hot and run for them to seat? i haven't actually turned the engine on, i kinda just installed the jugs/heads/pushrods to test the compression. any input folks?



Posted on May 16, 2012, 8:40 PM
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