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making sure the regulater wire is on the battery side of the switch, not the acc or run side happy.gif

thunderjet... first, i ask why?

check and adjust float level.

make sure bowl vent is not blocked at air cleaner mounting flange.

turn the pump down so it will hardly produce a dribble right off idle, that's all you need.

where does the idle mix screw make it idle best, should be a turn and a half out.
if more the intermediate jet is to small.
if less the intermediate jet is to big.

main jets need to be smaller that normal with a thunderjet.

air blead jet may be all wrong for what you have now.
smaller will tend to make things rich all across the rpm range
to big will delay the main coming on and will make it stumble at mid range.

exhaust makes a big difference if you will be able to tune it at all.

start with a .0295 intermediate and go up or down from there depending on the idle mix screw.
change intermediate as needed and again adjust the idle mix screw, and speed for best idle, turn and a half is best.
main, start with a .068" and adjust from there.

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