re-jetting question

by Nick Moll (Login jammin2exodus)

I have a 84 FXR. The drivetrain is all stock besides changin it to kick start only. The pipes were self made and are drag pipes. Whenever its stopped and I rev the engine a bit of white smoke shoots out of the tail pipes. I added today a "poor mans baffle". Drilling a quarter inch bolt at the end with a pile of washers for back pressure. Still is doing it so Im gonna re-jet it because it never was after building the bike. Is this a good idea or are there others steps I should try before hand. Ive already adjusted the idle screw and all that. Seems to run a bit hot too but I know these engines tend to do that so that part is probably just me worrying. Thanks for the help.


Posted on Jun 12, 2012, 6:53 PM
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