84 iron head

by sonny (Login mel84)

went for a ride bike ran good to point A about 10 miles from house
went to point B about 3 miles from 1st stop hung out there about an hour or so on the way home engine cut out, gas ok, opened gas cap, it wouldnt start for a few minutes then it fired up went about a half of block
died again after crankin and crankin front pipe shot out a blue flame
plugs were good got it home ripped carb apart charged batt changed plugs checked all connections then same thing happened again yesterday...ran fine to one stop, hung out about 1/2 hour then the bike backfired spittin sputterin then died. hung out 10 min got it going went about mile died again
checked coil and spark even got jolted that seemed ok. any ideas?

Posted on Jun 18, 2012, 7:56 AM
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