Thought i had bike problem figured out. Still poping back

by mike davis (Login diggerdavis)

through carb. A CV carb.Reamed out the main jet took it for a ten mile run ran great till i was getting off at my exit. Running out of shit to check.Acts like it is running out of fuel. What is the propper way to adjust float on a CV? I have checked petcalk flow, jets,voltage at battery running and not.I pulled distributor. Running a distributor on a 74" shovel. The advance weights are working fine.Starts good runs good for a wile and than shit hits the fan POP POP POP.will barely stay running. This is getting frustrating the fun of the old shit. Thanks for any help or suggestions. I just may have to toss it in the truck and bring to my brothers house in NH.

Posted on Jul 2, 2012, 8:56 PM
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