66 xlch; news oil flow,,

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yeah, got the sickle running yesterday,,WOW, that super b is so fine,,,,,,,concerns,,,i ordered a new bias ply tire last night, that radial was squirrely as a, well as a bitch,,,oil flow;;;the engine sat for at least 18 months without being turned over,,two minutes into being fired up; i quickly removed the oil return line to check flow, at idle the return oil was seriously oozeing back into the tank,,,brand new oil and very frothy,,,what do you think?? and my front cylinder,,the exterior smokeing,,,i, at first light this morning am going to scrub it,,i hope its ready to run from then,,,,as far as the oil goes; it is getting quite agitated inside the reciprication, hhmmm???

Posted on Jul 10, 2012, 4:04 AM
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