Yep exactly the point I was trying to make about those adapters & a stock cam...

by Rev Tramp (Login revtramp)

I found out the hard way on a new bike about the way a stock cam will actually hammer the solid conversion adapter kits so bad due to the extra deep "valley & bump" they put in the cam to pump up the hydraulic unit, that they will not only ruin the cam but way back when HD used those cheap INA bearings (Oh wait they started using them again huh) it could ruin your whole day by installing those solid adapters with a stock cam.

Oh & Charlie the reason they ruined the roller bearings is due to the extra hard hammering the cam caused when converting to solids. HD's engineers tried to fix the problem of hydraulic leak down of their flawed lifter design. they "thought" if they added a valley so the hydraulic unit would get pumped up before it opened then the problem they were having from floating valves would go away.

It didn't work but after they aftermarket fixed the problem HD followed suit & built better ones for the evo. Of course the aftermarket soon followed with waaaaaaaaaay better ones.


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