A momentary switch...

by Bull Dawson (Login BullDawson)

...will transfer current (or cut it off) for as long as you're holding your finger on it. It then goes back to its former position when you let go. Is this what you're trying to achieve for your HI/LO beam headlight? If so, go to radio shack and ask for a single pole, single throw normally open momentary switch.

I'll also have to assume that you want to keep your regular HI/LO throw switch for your headlight so you can still use it as intended? Find the main (+12V) feed wire that goes into your regular HI/LO beam switch on your handlebars. Splice a new wire to that and go from there to one side of your momentary switch. Find the wire that goes to the HI side of your HI/LO switch. Splice a wire to that and go to the other side of your momentary switch. Done.



Posted on Jun 1, 2013, 8:42 AM
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