AH....i have alot of bike experience..most brands don;t use a top bolt

by HYspd (Login HYspd)

and will slide up in the trees as well as rotate in the trees....

didn't want somebody with a Honda to read your comment and think their
setup was the same (I;ve had it happen...repeatedly...why can't I just
slide em up some like my brother did...what bike does your brother have
750....which 750....Honda....(10 minutes later) why the hell all did
they do it like that for?...(add 20 minutes of hell if i know, i wasn;t
there and my job is fixing them not out thinking the factory that made

try telling a yokel that the closest thing to a common type part on a
Harley is the CV Carburetor, Forks and the Shocks then see where the
conversation goes!

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