You can get the stock lube in a small tube from the

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stealership, or just use a dab of wheel bearing grease or any heavy ,won't fly off,type grease.if the shovel is a 70'andlater fly wts will die faster than the early exposed/cooled type,due to one major reason,condensation.With the alt/shovels any mosture in the air when you close it up is trapped and with the heat/cool cycle refluxes back and forth beween vaper and water promoting rust.The early ones had a drain hole and no gasket so this could not happen.I have long ago stopped using the gasket on the alt/shovels to let them breath better and had a lot less rust problems. either way you need to get back in there periodically and service the wts,examine them for elongated holes and worn pins as well as the springs et all.replace as needed, and consider the stainless type flywts also.

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