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not sure that's entirely true-

by agypsy74 (Login AGYPSY74)

I can't remember the '86 softail clutch offhand, but on my '87 FXR, I scored a late spline-shaft gearset at the swapmeet, a late spline-shaft clutch at a different swap, bought a 66-tooth ring gear from J&P (came with bolts).

I had to grind the rivets holding the 122-tooth ring gear off the new clutch basket and knock 'em out, bolt the new ring gear on, and assemble as normal- same primary housing, same starter setup, same primary chain, etc etc.

If he's got the A-B-C adjust clutch, it should be about the same.

about the only thing I replaced other than the ring gear was the clutch hub bearing (the existing one was whipped), and I replaced the funky little internal spring on the shifter just 'cuz I was in there anyhow...........

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