Quite a bit calmer between Thanksgiving and March. They pay me

July 14 2006 at 6:04 PM
Ken Fawcett  (Login kenatthefarm)

Response to Hopefully you are well compensated for your indentured servitude.

fairly well. Far more than a "rebel" like me ever thought he would make- without resorting to grand larceny that is. Appreciate your understanding, too. Some differences I have picked up between the attitudes of "road warriors" and the rest of the working world.

(1) Non travelers imagine that working on the road is exciting and easy. The "road warriors" are the chosen few, they muse.
(2) Road warriors believe they are the accursed few. Singled out to lose not just 8 hours a day to "the man," but entire 24 hour spans at a time. Lost forever- away from home and family.
(3) Non travelers who occassionally fly and have to change planes on their itenerary call it a "lay-over."
(4) Road warriors HATE the word "layover" and rarely use it because what the uneducated "non-traveler" is actually referring to is (by our vernacular) a "stop-over." Lay-overs are when you have to spend the night in a "hub" city to catch the next scheduled flight to your destination.
(5) Non-Travelers who occassionly fly rush to the baggage turnstile and crowd around it, as if their bags are ALL going to be the first ones unloaded from the plane. Not only do they prevent others from seeing their luggage, they crowd so closely as to create a dangerous situation when others try to remove heavy bags in a sea of "idiots." YOUR IN THE WAY STUPID!
(6) Road warriors saunter casually to the baggage turnstile (they know their bags will not be "first" off the plane). Road warriors stand back at least 3' from the turnstile- as a courtesy- so that all travelers have an unobstructed view of the belt, and because Road warriors value their knees and ankles.

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