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A bit confused on lubrication...

September 12 2006 at 1:34 PM
Tim  (Login Caviman2201)

I have a few ideas/facts/opinions floating around in my head from various sources and I'd love for some people to sort them out for me... Thanks in advance...

So... One could deduct that lubricating a pellet and/or barrel would cause a pellet to go faster... This would make a Raptor PBA more accurate (information I read on's blog saying that if you could get a pellet to go significantly faster than sound, it would gain some accuracy) and also make it so that an S1000-type could shoot something like a Kodiak at 900-1000fps perhaps?

I realize that it is generally regarded as a bad idea to lube anything forward of the spring in a springer due to dieseling/detonation...

I have read that dieseling is not all that bad and that all high-powered air rifles do it... it's detonation that is bad for the gun...

I know they sell "non-flammable" lubrications for guns and I assume these would be the same as "low-flash-point" lubrications... what are these and are they ok to use in the barrel/on the pellet?

I have heard it is not a good idea to oil seals (such as breech seals) due to 1.) some corrosive property that would destroy the seals and 2.) dieseling/detonation issues

Can anyone sort some of these things out for me?


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