I didn't say they were accurate adverts

September 18 2006 at 9:17 AM

Jack Stinson  (Login JackStinson)

Response to Oh, I don't know

Only that Gamo is flooding the gun TV shows with both adverts and with segments. And they'll be selling a ton of guns & accessories because of it.
Misleading, sure...the segments had some plain stupid parts in them! The guy hunting prairie dogs was keeping his pellets in his mouth! And he referred to them at one point as "BB's"! BUT.....he was on TV hunting prairie dogs with an airgun. On all three shows they cocked and closed the guns without loading them, never mentioning NOT to fire it this way. But, Gamo was on TV. What other manufaturer is showing what their guns can do on TV?
Right, wrong, or misleading....if I were Joe off the street going to buy an airgun...and I had watched "American Rifleman" or "Guns & Ammo TV", I'd head for the rack in Dick's and probably ask to see a Gamo. For the same reason people buy ANYTHING that is advertised on TV. They see it, that is all they know. We don't have monthly USA airgun magazines to consult.
So right or wrong or misleading, these TV ads and segments are going to reach a lot more people buying an airgun for the first time than any internet forums with all the correct (very subjective to individual opinions) information.
Beeman or some other USA distributor could do the same thing. And they could provide a bit more accurate information. Possibly even use some actual airgun hunters instead of centerfire hunters using airguns for one TV show segment.

And yes I agree, boar hunting with anything smaller than a .50 would not be my choice. So why doesn't Beeman or some other distributor in the USA do a TV segment on "correct" airgun hunting?

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