Found Four

October 16 2006 at 3:57 PM
Harold Williams  (Login Avox)

Response to Same here at Wally World

Been reading the forum for a couple of months and finally signed on. Had seen the posts about the 74 dollar S1Ks at Wally World. The one I usually go to has been out of them so last week went to another store and found four. They were not easy to find. They were placed high up on top of a 7 foot shelf against the back wall. Figured they would not disappear fast back there and went to think about it. Noticed the Beeman 1100 there and did a search and came up dry as well. Figured if Beeman was not showing them on their site they were not proud of them. Went back last Friday and picked up one S1K which left three. Shot it Saturday and chronied the thing with the chrony I recieved Friday and found it shoots about 75 FPS slower than my VH which I believe is about right for just out of the box. Ran another 10 to 20 pellets through it sighting in the sights at about 30 some feet before it bacame too dark. Even in the best of light I had trouble seeing the red dot on the target. So Saturday I sat down and ordered a refurbed BSA scope 3-13X50 for under $40 and with the cost of shipping it will come to $51. Figure after I buy some mounts for it I'll have an effective rifle for around a $130.

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