Gamo Recon seal tear

October 28 2006 at 6:58 PM
Daniel  (Login dmrey73)

I just picked up the Gamo Recon (my first airgun) yesterday at a local (OKC) Academy. I spent a few hours checking out reviews and doing alot of reading here, and for my 'needs' (backyard target practice for me and the kids), I saw no need for anything like 1000 fps. The smaller size is a little large for my smaller 8 y/o and a little small for the 14 y/o - but we're still having fun with it (and Dad now wants a REAL airgun).

First a few comments about the gun...

1- It's alot of fun (just ask my 8 and 14 year old)
2- the scope that came with it never would sight in (I took 1-2 hours messing around with it to figure this out)
3- I'm still on my first tin of Gamo match pellets, but 250 pellets won't last long (does this little plinker really need 500-1000 shots to break it in?)
4- Three 50# sacks of sand from Lowe's works much quiter than a sheet of plywood for a backstop
5- Daisy's MaxView electronic sight seems to work pretty well for us 'beginners'
6- 1" orange dots are a pain at 10m and alot of fun at 5m

okay... enough introduction

I discovered about 2/3rds of the way thru my tin this afternoon that the seal was torn. This is what looks like a little rubber grommet that is on the chamber side of the pellet (behind the pellet). A small portion (about 1/3) of the rubber was torn down and hanging by a tiny amount. I was a little concerned about it, and tore it off.

Okay - so now ... sometimes it won't hit anywhere near where I'm aiming. I'm going to try resighting in at 5m and see how often it does this.

Also - I didn't expect this little gun to diesel, but my son noticed a tiny amount of smoke coming out of the barrel each time we reloaded it this morning. I don't know if this is just hot oil visible in the bright sun light - or 'smoke' from true dieseling.

My questions ... is a small tear going to matter that much? Should I just take a razor to the entire seal to trim it flat with the metal around it? Is there a quick and easy replacement for this? Can I replace this with a regular plumbing seal? Do I need to return this to Academy or send it in to Gamo for repair (this is day 2 ... and I'm just getting warmed up - so I'd really miss this little plinker).

Enough words... (I'm going to go plink some more)

Thanks for any comments and help you can offer.
Daniel in OKC

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