40 yds should be doable after some practice

November 25 2006 at 10:59 PM
Garrett  (Login gmany)

Response to need advise on Gamo CFX

With any pellet gun (because the energy is so low) shot placement is premium, but even more important w/ .177 b/c the hole and wound channel created by the pellet is smaller.

Take it in strides. Practice at shorter distances until you can get rather tight groups. Expand your range as you get smaller groups. Do not take shots on game that you have not prooven you can hit. If I concentrate, I can get 4 of 5 into a hole the size of a nickel at 40yds.

Try not to take shots on game at any distance which you cannot put most all of your shots into a 1-1.5" diameter circle. My experience w/ small game and pests is that few airgun shots will provide a quick, clean kill. Obviously, this scenario is more likely w/ .177. With a cottontail, unless you hit a nickel size region of the head, just below the ear (and often even when you hit this area) there will not be a clean kill. The heart is a little bigger, but it's difficult to know exactly where it will be when the rabbit is in various positions. Even then a hit to the heart will allow the rabbit to run for a little while.

Basically, .22 is vastly superior at taking pests and game, more energy, more energy on target, more energy transmitted into the target and a larger wound. 15fpe in a .22 is adequate, but in .177 the pellet will travel all the way through the cottontail,(unless it hits bone) even at 40yds.

I know my post is very jumbled and probably nonsensical, but practice shooting and restaint until you have prooven you can make the shot needed, and then be prepared for the shot to not kill immediately.

Oh, just for some perspective .22 rimfire puts out around 150fpe, my CFX does a touch less than 15fpe.

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