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pellet drop

November 30 2006 at 1:30 PM

Rich. from Mich.  (Login peterdragin)

Response to Barrel droop

No effect on the shots once it's zeroed in.

The way I correct barrel droop is that the gap between the barrel and the reciver is to much not letting the barrel sit flush or close enough with the reciver. I just file down the pivot block to allow the barrel to close a bit more.

I only had to do it on a used Quest I bought with a bent barrel when I got a new barrel assembly the barrel would not even come close to shutting untill I fitted the pivot block. It shoots just great now and with no barrel droop at all.

Normaly on all rifles that come with iron sights there is barrel droop built in to them for sighting proposes,not so for scoped rifles there should be none on a scoped rifle.

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