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Comparable to R-7

February 15 2007 at 12:48 AM

Photo22  (Login photo22)

Response to Any Gamos out there comparable to the R-7?

For a new R-7 you are looking at up to $300. Adding a scope will make it better/fun for Plinking and pesting but that will bring your total cost up more. You can get a Gamo with a scope, or install one your self for less. It will do the job of plinking and pesting and you can save money. The CFX, Shadow 1000 tuned or a Shadow Sport will all do the job for you with scopes. Rich of Mich. can super tune the ones listed and they can out perform the R-7. The R-7's will not do 700fps out of the box. My son has a Shadow Sport stock with a trigger mod. that will do 900+fps and shoot 1/2" groups at 20 an 25 yards. I also have a Tuned Shadow 1000 that will do 1/2" groups at 30yards and 845fps. Both guns are setup with scopes and are less in cost than a scoped R-7. The SCI Hunter Defense Combo is a great deal with the AO scope, but it maybe too loud for your area. A tune can help that.

Super tuned Shadow 1000 with Leapers 3-9x44 and Walter Lothar barrel

Shadow Sport with Rich's trigger mod. and BSA 3-12x44

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