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May 7 2007 at 7:08 PM
robert  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to Gamo 128 info needed

I'm not sure what rifle that is. Single stroke pneumatic match rifles?

THINK it's Daisy's numbers for some Gamo match rifles imported for a short time...a 128 and a 131?...know in Europe as the Conquest and Super Match. I should know the numbers, as I have one of each.

If I'm right...

Would proably pass. Unless you know the rifles and are mechanically inclined, they are hard to find parts for and very few airsmiths will work on them. Are not a compicated design, but the parts situation is "iffy" (Although JG airguns has the parts...he won't work on them anymore, but has the parts).

One in good working order is an accurate rifle...can't tell the goups shot with one from ones shot with a FWB 300 or RWS 75. Hardwood stock rather than Walnut, but that dowsn't effect the shooting. They are accurate rifles, and don't wear out any faster than Walthers...but it's difficult to have one fixed when the seals do go.

So, if I remember the number system right, this is a 128 (but this one is marked as a Conquest as Daisy didn't import it):
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OK...got the numbers straight. The 126 and 128 look more-or-less identical and do have idential mechanical parts...any real differnces are very minor (couple of tapped holes for an optional open rear sight, accessory rail, and a little bit different inletting (enough so that the stocks won't inercahnge).

Still voting to "pass" on a non-functioning unit unless you find a airsmith willing to rebuild at a reasonable cost...would consider a fully functional one, but would be aware that repairs would increasly become a problem.

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