Call me crazy..... Bench rest vs. bipod

September 6 2007 at 8:25 PM
Jeff Pursley  (Login jtpursley)

Have been thinking about something the last several days that has me somewhat perplexed and I'm hoping some of the more knowledgeable on the board can provide some understanding.

Several weeks ago, one of the members had made a suggestion to a shooter having some problems with accuracy that he may want to try utilizing a rest, both barrel and stock as I recall, to prove to himself that the rifle in question is capable of producing tight groupings. This would also serve as a good confidence booster for the shooter, I assume. For myself, I know that it would provide me with that extra little boost of moral support and confidence, if it is possible to shoot accurately this way. I realize that utilizing a "gun vise" would not be good at all due to the rifle being prevented, for all intents and purposes, from recoiling naturally. It seems to me though that a rest at the front of the stock and a rest at the rear of the stock would allow the rifle to recoil naturally. Anyhow, this suggestion resulted in a very long discussion and basically the consensus was that it not a good thing at all.

On August 9th another shooter asked about shooting from a bipod and this did not seem to generate tha same level of excitement and several members said that it can indeed help and was supplied with a specific brand to look at. This particular model clamped onto the barrel, which I would think would affect accuracy and repeatibility on a break barrel in particular much more than a rifle rest on the stck. It would seem to me that a bipod would of course steady the muzzle considerably as it has almost completely eliminated the weakest link in the whole equation. On the other hand, if the part of the problem with a rest of some sort would be to prevent the rifle from recoiling naturally, would that also not hold true for a bipod. Let us assume that the surface the bipod legs are on is grass rather than something that it could possibly slide on.

Not trying to cause a major brouhaha here, but as I said, I really just don't understand the difference.



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