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Re: Hunter 220

March 8 2008 at 5:30 AM
Lee  (Login tsab)

Response to Hunter 220

i it's a gamo shadow1000 with a cheap plain looking wooden stock. i bought a 220 a couple years back. everything was nice and shiny, looked really great, and shot really good. until a year later i decided to mount the scope on it. it did not hit the paper where it should have at all. impossible to sight. took a real close examination of the rifle, i saw that the barrel pivot block either closed too tight, making the barrel point skywards, or didn't close enough making the barrel droop downwards. this was why it didn't shoot well with a scope but with open sights, since the rear sight and the front are both on the same leveled surface, it was dead straight.

if you do decide to get one, do look and check if the barrel closes evenly level with the breech or you will not be able to zero in a scope on it. i also went and checked a bunch of them at sports authority and every single one that i was able to (the opened box ones) were uneven. my opinion, if you actually really want a cheap looking wooden stock rifle with a hard plastic stock butt, you're better of with the cheaper copycat crosman quest.

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