It depends on what you want to use the AR for...

June 18 2008 at 9:23 AM
DAckerson  (Login donack456)

Response to should i settle with the gamos i have or???

It depends on what you want to use the Air Rifle for as its been mentioned you pay for what you get. The R1,6,7,9 are great German Products usually after a lube tune they are not twangy & very accurate air rifles. The HW 77s,97s are even more impressive and accurate. The Tx200s, Tomahawk are accurate, beautiful and powerful air rifle, old BSAs, Gamos/BSAs and RWS 46s,460s,48,54 are too. Some of these have near sniper rifle quality triggers or very controllable triggers. These are no doubt superior air rifles to the Gamo but at price $289 - $565 before being scoped some of them.

But if you are just plinking, hunting, informal target shooting, or pest control I can't think of anything these rifles can do accept print slightly tighter groups maybe that a Gamo can't. Beside the better workmanship, quailty in machining, trigger, barrels, better metal work and detailed wood choice and workmanship the Gamo works just as well.

I own RWS and Beemans but my Gamo Shadows .177 & .22 with gtx trigger could have been my only rifles. Its my most used rifles, performance wise its just as good almost. It won't give you bragging right or resale value but as a working rifle pending your needs its all you need, if those other things are important to ya.

After buying 20+ air rifles the Gamo is my goto rifle and could/should have been my only one. If I was smarter and we shoot on a 10-80 yard air rifle course/club.

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