sand bag gun rest better than bipod!

August 19 2008 at 12:43 PM
walt  (Login waltIII)

Response to Call me crazy..... Bench rest vs. bipod

i can say from my experience that the sand bag style of gun rest works better for me than a bipod. i have a 1377 crossman handgun with the stock extension on and have a clamp on bipod. the bipod legs are plastic and have been resting on wood. the slide and creep while firing was reallt causing crazy groups and i was not sure why. i switched to a bag rest and boom! much much better groups and consistent control. the bipod might work better on grass but im shooting from a table at targets about 20 yards away. i know the gun is not 100 % accurate but if i use rws pellets and the bag rest i can keep 10 shots inside 2 inches! not bad for a old style pump hand gun! try to use a sand bag rest and i think you will find the results much better. as the gun fires it is allowed to move naturally and still is supported for accuracy. i am glad i didnt buy a expensive bipod because i dont use it any more! it is only used as a gun rest so i dont have to lay it down when i get up to change targets. ha ha! hope that helps. happy shooting! walt.

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