Shadow tune questions

September 22 2008 at 11:15 PM
kornphlake  (Login kornphlake)

Days are getting shorter and winter is coming witch means I'll be spending more time in the garage and less time in the yard. I've recently thought to tune my Shadow 1000, I've never tuned an air rifle before but I've tuned plenty of machines that are more complicated than a spring with a plug on the end.

I'm on a budget so I'd like to keep the tuning as low cost as possible, I'm thinking free is a good place to start, nearly free is almost as good especially if it's something like grease that will be shipped in a large enough portion to last for years. My goal is to make the S1K quieter, more accurate and less hold sensitive. Velocity isn't really important to me but I do want to keep the velocity in the 800fps+ range. I don't have a chrony so I'll never know what it's shooting now or what it might be shooting after a tune.

First, I'd like to polish the trigger parts and add a trigger modification of some sort, will I need a spring compressor to remove the trigger assembly?

Second, the stock spring has been good for me, I've been able to shoot some pretty good groups by my standards and I've taken a lot of game, would it be worth while to replace the spring or will I see the biggest benefit by deburring and greasing with the proper lubes and adding a piece of shrink wrap to the spring guide?

Third, I have a broken bar clamp that might make a good spring compressor but the threaded shaft is barely 2.5" long, how far does a spring compressor need to compress?

Fourth, should I decide to replace the spring, what is the benefit of a premium spring vs. the economy springs available? Keep in mind I'm not really after power, how bad is the stock Gamo spring really?

Thanks in advance.

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