Ended up doing the Micro GTX trigger

October 4 2008 at 5:52 PM
kornphlake  (Login kornphlake)

Response to Rich from Mich (?) trigger mod

I ended up doing the Micro GTX trigger mod using a 2-56 screw and nut and a spring. I had a tough time finding the right screw and nut locally, I did find a stainless nut and bolt at ACE hardware but had to file two sides of the nut down to .130" and fought with the trigger all night before I realized that the screw head would have to fit inside the trigger as well. Chucking the screw in a drill and running a file over the head brought it down to dia .130" pretty quickly. Pull is significantly less and creep is eliminated.

As others have mentioned the trigger is almost too light with this modification but after a couple shots I got used to it. I'm a little annoyed that the trigger doesn't spring back after it's been pulled through the first stage, but I understand why it is that way. I could probably add a spring but it wouldn't really reset the first stage and it'd add weight to the trigger that I may not like any better.

I shot some strings and ended up with groups that resemble the groups I was shooting before the mod. I'll be honest it's been about 2 years since I did any consistent shooting, I'm sure with a little more practice I could get 1 hole groups at the length of my garage(~5 yds.) I'll have to take the gun to a quarry next weekend and see what I can do at a more reasonable distance.

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