Another GTX/GRT comparative review...

April 28 2009 at 8:24 PM

Steve in NC  (Login pneuguy)

Tue 4/28/09 10:11 AM...

The differences between the GTX and GRT (side by side with 2 gamos) is very noticable. ... First off, the set screws you use glide like glass on glass when installed. The GRT on the other hand has a gritty feel to it, due to the rough finish of the screw tips. They were both installed dry (no lube).

Next is the 2-stage feel. The GTX's 2-stage feel is a lot more pronounced than the GRT's, making it easier to shoot without any accidental discharge from a trigger that's too sensitive, and the break is very smooth and crisp.

Plus, adjusting the GTX was a breeze. It took me about 3 minutes to get it to feel comfortable for myself. I've owned more than a dozen GRTs and could never get a single one adjusted to the point I have yours at; and I have spent quite a bit of time on each one I had to try to get it comfortable.

Advertising the GRT as a "no adjustment needed" for Gamos is misleading. I have a couple of friends who have GRT triggers in a number of rifles, and they all needed to be painstakingly adjusted to fit the shooter's needs and even after adjusting it, they still didn't have it to where it was comfortable.

...The GTX is affordable, beats the factory trigger by a mile, and works as advertised. It's also much more easier ... to adjust and work with. ...

When I installed the GTX, the first thing I noticed was that the safety lever wouldn't engage at all, so I started by adjusting the front set screw and backed it out until the safety would snap in place. I then worked the rear set screw a couple of turns, fired a few shots while turning the rear set screw about 1/4 turn each time and finally had it after about 3-4 turns. New airgunners may benefit from this information about the safety lever. I'll be ordering a GTX every time I get a rifle that it works in from here on. As a matter of fact, I'm already adding another Gamo to my wish list.

PS - I'd like to remain anonymous should you choose to use my testimonial. Thanks Steve!

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