Meet the TERMINATOR. .25 cal1250 Ultra Magnum.

May 9 2009 at 3:33 PM

Chris  (Login C.A.P)

This was a Collaboration of Rich in Mi and my self. It was doing 847 with 20 grain FTS at tear down, that is 31 ft lbs!!!!!! I am anticipating it picking up a tad as it only had 25 or so pellets ran through it . I fitted it with the new "ORIGINAL" GTX trigger. It has a distinct 2 stage and a crisp let off. The gun is as heavy as a hitter as some PCP. I will get it broken in and new chrony # as soon as I get a new breech seal. I foresee this doing 30+ft lbs all day. The Barrel is a Lothar Walther Match barrel, the stock is reshaped by me and coated with Flat bed liner. The bolts are all stainless stele Allen Heads. The accents are aluminum and stainless pillars. It will be fitted with a scope and maybe a nite light attachment. This thing is a real tack driver too. Amazingly Rich has done his magic on this one as its very smooth and shoot able. Its not a all day plinker as its not a toy to cock but at over 30 ft lbs that is what you get from a hunting gun. I will have a Webley Patriot (Made in England) here next week in .25 to compare.

"IL BE BACK "...............

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