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Re: Potential rich in mich questions Gamo barrel removal

September 4 2010 at 5:43 PM

Rich. from Mich.  (Login peterdragin)

Response to Potential rich in mich questions Gamo barrel removal

The CFX has the same internal parts as all the other gamo's other than the lower powered rifles, but I have not seen one of the new rifles with the different triggers so I can't say on those but ALL the others take a ram with out problems.

Plastic barrels have NO EFFECT on twang it's the spring and guide that twang not the type of barrel  and they CAN NOT be replaced sorry, you got a plastic barrled Gamo your stuck with a plastic barrel.


Putting a .20 barrel in a CFX is a big problem because you also have to rework the loading block to even load it, I have one with a .20 barrel and it shoots super but a pain in the butt to load because of the loading tray, it just did not come out right and pellets tend to stick in the block.

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