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Re: More like a Gamo 500.......But,

November 1 2011 at 2:53 PM
ZVP  (Login ZVP)

Response to More like a Gamo 500.......But,

 The 130B looks all the world like the 500 eacept for a lighter stain but the velocity is so high that I don;t think it's a regular 500. Maybe Daisy spec'd the mainspring to something higher or maybe I just got a "Hot" one?Guns of the samr model often leave the factory shooting just a little hotter. (My RWS Model 36 is one such rifle shooting @ 713fps in ,22)

 I estimate the 130B is doing in the neighborhood of 780-800 which does put it in the Gamo 500 catagory as it shoots 780fps..

 Daisy got a good crop of Gamo's either way the only trouble is thatr the parts supply is dried-up now. To do repairs  you need skills beyond most airgunners sets.

 When mine breaks it'll become a wallhanger.


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