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Gamo Raptor Pellets inaccurate

December 3 2006 at 7:48 PM
  (Login humbertob)

Just went to the field to check how accurate my Gamo Shadow 1000 would be with the Gamo RAPTOR Pellets and they are waste of time at least for my rifle. Definitely my Gamo rifle shoots better and it's more accurate with Crosman Premier pellets. Today was windy so the raptors were hitting to much to the right, so just switched to the accurate Crosman Premier and the rifle was accurate as hell again. I was shooting 25 yards away from the target with great results, definitely the Gamo Shasod 1000 is much better than the Beeman 1100, thanks Wal-Mart to let me choose any rifle I want and then return it back at any time. Thanks !

Humberto Benavides
GAMO Shadow 1000/Daisy 3-9 PowerLine Scope

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jvc (echochap)
(Login echochap)

They were not very accurate out of my

December 3 2006, 10:02 PM 

C1, R1, or B40 ... but decent hunting accuracy out of the Gamo Stutzen, Varmint, and Viper. I don't know if there is something specific about the Gamo barrels ... have a meeting scheduled at the SHOT show with Gamo and hope to harvest some technical information there. I'll post the groups from 25 and 35 yards when I get time.

BTW: did you zero for the Raptors? I re-zeroed for the Raptors as the POI changed between these and the pellets each of my test guns was originally set up for.


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