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Trying different pellets

March 7 2007 at 4:56 PM

  (Premier Login rbva)

With the idea of trying lots of different pellets in my CFX in search of the best match, 

I bought a tin of  GAMO Magnums ..... geeze, I thought my rifle or scope had broken.

They shot all over the place. If two hit the same spot, it was by accident I'm sure.

After trying about 20 of them, I went back to the GAMO Rockets and everything returned to

normal. So, I guess I figured out that the CFX does NOT like the magnum pellets at all.

I then tried the CP Hollow point's, they did group a pretty well, but not as tightly as the Rockets.

Problem is, Rockets are twice the price of CP's..... I'll have keep looking. 

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(Login gmany)

it's difficult to produce pointed pellets (like the magnum) with

March 7 2007, 5:29 PM 

low enough tolerances to be accurate. If the point is off center by the smallest amount it will cause the pellet to wobble off course.

People say the predators are accurate. I guess the plastic tip doesn't weigh enough to cause the pellet to wobble?

Domed pellets are a good place to start. Semi-point pellets are an aerodynamic improvement on the dome. These are similar in shape to the kodiak, they generally shoot well and offer higher ballistic coefficients than normal domes like the gamo hunter or the beeman field target special.

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(Login bigbore)

The CF-X has some favorites...

March 7 2007, 8:32 PM 

JSB's and Beeman Kodiaks have performed the best in most guns, IIRC RWS Super Domes were reported to do well too. The heavy pellets are harder on springs so expect a shortened spring life but with "Rich from Mich" around it's not a problem, his stuff will keep you up and running.

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(Login longislandhunter)


March 7 2007, 8:44 PM 

If you're looking for a good performing and really cheap pointed hollow point pellet then give the Gamo Tomahawks a try. Midsouth sells tin of 750 for $4.99

My CFX absolutely loves the Tomahawks and my chrony results with them have been super. Quite a few of my other guns also shoot them extremely well. They are great for paper punching and also work well on small game and pests. I've used them hunting and they work great.

If your gun likes em your all set. If not then you're only out $5 bucks.


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(Premier Login rbva)


March 7 2007, 10:45 PM 

Thanks folks, all good advice. Jeff, I'll try your suggestion next, sounds good.

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Hunter (DK)
(Login hunterdk)

Gamo Tomahawk

March 8 2007, 6:09 AM 

I just tried the tomahawks, both in .177 and .22 and they group like a scattergun in all my guns exept 1, guess I use the rest in that gun.

The RWS and jsb pellets allways performs better than gamos novelty ammo.

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(Login Avox)


April 17 2007, 12:48 PM 

did you find .22 cal Tomahawks?

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(Login kenatthefarm)

Kodiaks, FTS, and Superdomes. If the Serial Number is on top the barrel, try CPL, too.-nt

March 7 2007, 11:38 PM 

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Nash Frank
(Login fnash)

RWS Super Point

March 7 2007, 11:45 PM 

The RWS Super Point I found is one of the best pointed pellets for me. They continue to preform well for me in both .177 and .22. In all of my rifles they are the one pointed that they like the best. I keep them on hand... FN

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(Premier Login rbva)

CP 7.9's work well

March 8 2007, 3:16 PM 

Just got back from shooting about a 1000 pellets. I tried CP 10.5 gr and 7.9

The heavies work well in the 1250 and RWS 350 but are a tad heavy for the CFX.

The CFX loves the CP 7.9's (regular domed) - I have found a cheaper alternative!

It was grouping perfectly, the only stray shots were from me not being the steadiest fella.

I pushed the target all the way out to 40 yards. It was here that I discovered that my scope

mounts on the RWS can no longer cope with the barrel droop. and it started shooting low.

Back at 25 yards it's fine. At 40, I the scope ran out of elevation adjustment.

I've ordered two 5039's from Straight shooters (overnight) so I'll re-check them over the weekend.

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