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My CFX has been "Riched" -- 40 yard target

March 17 2007 at 8:49 AM

Jock Elliott  (Login airguneditor)


Rich from Mich has romanced by CFX Royal. Above are 5 shots at 40 yards (shot by Rich).

The cocking is now smooth as silk on silk. No creaks or groans, just "snick" at end end when it latches.

The breech opens with a flick of the thumb now and it's easier to load pellets (what the heck does he do to the loading "bowl"?)

The GTX trigger now has a very distinct wall at the beginning of the second stage, and when it breaks, the CFX goes "Twonk!" No longer does it sound like a box of loose parts. Rich also fitted one of his neato muzzle breaks.

With a snowstorm screaming in on us yesterday afternoon, I only got two shots for accuracy before I had to quit. Both went through the same hole at 13 yards (I don't mean sorta the same hole, I mean the SAME hole.)

My brief initial impression is that Rich does very nice work.

You'll be hearing more about this gun when it is sane to shoot again.

Jock Elliott
Airgun writer,
correspondent, Precision Shooting Magazine

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(Premier Login rbva)

He did mine - Magic - now I need to find it's "favorite" pellet.

March 18 2007, 10:41 AM 

He did mine as well, it is like a new / different rifle now. I still have to play with it enough to find the pellets it likes best now. I have found that it does not like CP lites. hehe!

I'm ordering a bunch of different types, so I can start to process...... Anyone have a suggestion on the best "top 5" pellets to start out trying? I'd hate to waste loads of time.


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jim m
(Login jmmbam)

best pellets

March 18 2007, 3:29 PM 

based on what i read here in the past and my own experience i have good luck in my cfx using rws superdomes beeman fts crow magnums and gamo hunters.

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(Login chuckmatlock)

mine likes cpl's

March 18 2007, 3:59 PM 

great work again from rich. He must be pretty busy now!

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(Login MikeEarly)

Re: My CFX has been "Riched" -- 40 yard target

March 24 2007, 3:45 AM 

This sounds like a happy man.

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